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Montana Millz: US rapper behind ‘Sell Drugsz’ song jailed for selling drugs

A US rapper who wrote a song called Sell Drugsz has been sentenced to three years in prison for selling drugs.

Michael Persaud, who performs under the name Montana Millz, was sentenced in Providence, Rhode Island, for trafficking heroin and fentanyl – a painkiller and anaesthetic often mixed with heroin that is more potent than morphine.

The 30-year-old had sold an East Providence undercover detective drugs several times over a four-month period, starting in October 2016, according to prosecutors.

Authorities believe Persaud sold the detective nearly three-quarters of an ounce of fentanyl and less than a 10th of an ounce of heroin.

The rapper, from Johnston, denied the charges against him.

Prosecutors had originally asked for a six-year prison term, but Persaud’s lawyer, Matthew Smith, said the three-year sentence was “fair and just.”

Persaud is awaiting sentencing in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, after a jury convicted him of 16 drug trafficking and conspiracy charges in August 2017.

Fentanyl has been linked to an alarming rise in drug deaths in north America. Pop legend Prince died of an accidental fentanyl overdose, according to autopsy results released last year.

Montana MIllz other songs include Picture Me Rollin, Groupie Hoes and Armed and Dangerous.

Source: Independent

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